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The Federal Infrastructure Permitting Dashboard is an online tool for Federal agencies, project developers and interested members of the public to track the Federal government’s permitting and review process for large or complex infrastructure projects.  Starting in January 2016, agencies are required to report project review schedules for all new infrastructure projects that meet certain criteria of size and complexity using a standardized set of Federal permitting and review milestones. This marks a change from the previous use of the Dashboard to highlight priority projects. Read more about the history and development of the Permitting Dashboard (including more about the new guidance for posting projects on the Dashboard) in this site’s About section.

Click on a project name below to see more information, including the project’s description, location, and Federal permitting and review schedule.

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The infrastructure projects below are currently undergoing Federal permitting and review using the best practices developed for efficient project delivery and improved outcomes.

Project Title Agency/Department Sector Project Status Estimated Completion
Chokecherry-Sierra Madre Wind Energy DOI Renewable Energy In Progress 10/30/2014
South Station Expansion Project State or Local Agency Surface Transportation In Progress 7/29/2015
Central Everglades Planning Project USACE Water Resource In Progress 8/30/2015
Charleston Harbor Post-45 Study USACE Ports and Waterways In Progress 8/31/2015
ADS-B In Trail Procedures DOT Aviation In Progress 9/29/2015
Kelso Martin's Bluff DOT Surface Transportation In Progress 9/29/2015
Great Northern Transmission Line DOE Transmission In Progress 10/29/2015
Arroyo Sequit Creek Steelhead Restoration Project DOC Green Infrastructure In Progress 10/30/2015
California High Speed Train - Fresno to Bakersfield - Central Valley DOT Surface Transportation In Progress 12/30/2015
Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line DOI Transmission In Progress 6/15/2016


The infrastructure projects below have completed the Federal permitting and review process, many highlighting best practices for efficient project delivery and improved environmental and community outcomes.

Project Title Agency/Department Sector Project Status Estimated Completion
Bayonne Bridge Raising DHS Ports and Waterways Complete 11/01/2015
Heterogeneous Feed Biorefinery DOE Cancelled 9/29/2015
NextGen Infrastructure Initiative - Houston Metroplex (OAPM) DOT Aviation Complete 1/29/2015
Dredge Sailors Haven, Talisman-Barrett Beach and Watch Hill Channels and Marinas DOT Surface Transportation Complete 12/14/2014
Jacksonville Harbor (Channel Deepening Study) USACE Ports and Waterways Complete 4/29/2014
Red Rock Hydroelectric Project USACE Water Resource Complete 3/30/2014
ADS-B East Coast Offshore Routes DOT Aviation Complete 3/03/2014
East St. Louis Illinois, Metro East Levee USACE Ports and Waterways Complete 9/14/2013
Enterprise WEP III - Mid America Pipeline (MAPL) DOI Pipelines Complete 7/31/2013
Port of Jacksonville DOT Ports and Waterways Complete 6/30/2013


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