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Kulning Wind Energy Project Receives FAST-41 Coverage

The Permitting Council has determined that the Kulning Wind Energy Project is a FAST-41 covered project, effective September 29. The Kulning Wind Energy Project is a proposed 308-MW wind energy generation plant in Clark County, Nevada. The plant would consist of up to 68 wind turbine generators, a project substation including switchgear and battery energy storage equipment, accompanying ancillary infrastructure, and a 29-mile transmission line to Sloan Canyon Switching Station. The project’s sponsor Crescent Peak Renewables, seeks to contribute to Nevada’s renewable energy goals with the project. 

As a FAST-41 covered project, the Kulning Wind Energy Project will benefit from state-of-the-art Federal project review and permitting process reforms for large-scale infrastructure projects, transparent permitting timetable development and execution, and enhanced interagency coordination. 

About the Permitting Council and FAST-41

Established in 2015 by Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, the Permitting Council is a unique Federal agency charged with improving the transparency, predictability, and outcomes of the Federal environmental review and authorization process for large-scale critical infrastructure projects. Comprised of an Executive Director, 13 Federal agency council members, the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Permitting Council implements the FAST-41 process for covered projects from a dozen sectors through as many as 60 Federal reviews and authorizations.

Participation in FAST-41 is voluntary, and sponsors of projects that qualify under specific statutory criteria apply to obtain FAST-41 coverage. FAST-41 coverage does not alter any applicable statutory or regulatory requirement, environmental law, regulation, or review process, or public involvement procedure. FAST-41 coverage also does not predetermine the outcome of any Federal decision-making process for any project. Instead, the Permitting Council achieves FAST-41 benefits by coordinating interagency efforts, eliminating needless duplication, and engaging Federal agencies and project sponsors to foster improved communication and clarify expectations.

The current FAST-41 project portfolio includes 14 renewable energy production projects, three pipeline projects, two water resource projects, two conventional energy production projects, four electricity transmission projects, and one ports and waterways project—representing nearly $100 billion in economic investment and more than 50,000 jobs. The Office of the Executive Director is committed to working with its member agencies to advance the Administration's Build Back Better plan to maximize domestic investment and sustainable job creation by greening and modernizing America's critical infrastructure.

Last updated: Thursday, September 30, 2021