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Buffalo Mountain- King Coal Reevaluation

All dates below are specific to the schedule of the Environmental Review and Permitting processes for this project.

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Reevaluation of King Coal EIS for an approximately 7 mile section of the highway between Delbarton and Belo, where 5 miles would be constructed as a joint-use project in conjunction with a surface coal mine.

The Delbarton to Belo Project is an approximately seven mile section of the King Coal Highway, a 94 mile long corridor from Bluefield, Mercer County, West Virginia to Williamson, Mingo County, West Virginia.  The Delbarton to Belo Project begins at US 52, about one-half mile west of Delbarton, and ends at US 119 just west of its intersection with WV 65. The 94-mile King Coal Highway Corridor was identified in a FEIS issued in June 2000, and approved with a subsequent ROD issued in August 2000.  Since the issuance of the ROD, an opportunity for a joint-use project was identified during Consol of Kentucky, Inc.’s (CONSOL, a mining company) development of a plan to extract mineable coal reserves between the towns of Delbarton and Belo, Mingo County, West Virginia.  A joint-use project would allow CONSOL to construct approximately 5 miles of rough-grade highway alignment in conjunction with their post-mining land use plan for the proposed Buffalo Mountain Surface Mine.  Upon the completion of the Buffalo Mountain Surface Mine project, the WVDOH could incorporate the 5 miles of rough-grade highway alignment constructed by CONSOL into the King Coal Highway Delbarton to Belo Project.