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LOSSAN North Rail Corridor Investment Plan

All dates below are specific to the schedule of the Environmental Review and Permitting processes for this project.

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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) published in the Federal Register (83 FR 61709-10) on November 30, 2018, a notice to advise the public that FRA is rescinding the Notice of Intent (NOI) for the Los Angeles to San Louis Obispo North (LOSSAN) Rail Corridor Project.  The NOI is being rescinded as the service options on this corridor have been reevaluated in the updated California State Rail Plan.

The LOSSAN North Project includes conventional rail improvements to expand passenger rail service on California’s existing LOSSAN North Corridor between San Luis Obispo Rail Station and Los Angeles Union Station, a total of 222 miles. The proposed rail improvements would involve a combination of track and signal upgrades, new sidings, extensions of existing sidings, segments of second main track, curve realignments, and grade separations. Improving the LOSSAN North Corridor would support the projected future increased demand for rail services in the LOSSAN Rail Corridor at-large.

The purpose of the Proposed Action to the LOSSAN North Corridor is to develop a faster, safer, and more-reliable passenger and freight rail system that provides added capacity and competitive mode choice in response to increased travel demand between San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles Union Station.


Permitting Timetable

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