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Pursuant to Executive Order 13807, and as part of the President’s Management Agenda’s longer-term vision for modernizing the federal government, the Administration publishes Infrastructure Permitting Accountability Scorecards to track how agencies are progressing toward modernizing the permitting process for major infrastructure projects.  

The Accountability Scorecard evaluates agency performance and overall progress in processing environmental reviews and authorization decisions for major infrastructure projects (as defined in Section 3(e) of Executive Order 13807) and achieving the objectives of the Modernize Infrastructure Permitting Cross-Agency Priority Goal. The performance accountability system requires agencies to report data on different performance indicators including whether they are jointly and cooperatively processing environmental reviews and making authorization decisions using the One Federal Decision framework, whether major infrastructure projects have complete permitting timetables, whether they are meeting major milestone target dates, whether agencies establish and use a process to elevate schedule delay issues to senior agency officials, and the time and cost to complete reviews and make decisions. OMB will review agencies’ performance at least once each quarter and will publish on the Permitting Dashboard, a quarterly scorecard of agency performance on meeting these indicators.

Please note that Executive Order 13807 has been revoked. As of January 20, 2021, no new quarterly accountability scorecards will be published on the Permitting Dashboard.

Last updated: Monday, May 17, 2021