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USCG Bridge Permit

Project Name: 
Responsible Agency: 
US Coast Guard
Agency Status: 
Cooperating under FAST-41
Cooperating under NEPA

The U.S. Coast Guard has compiled a list of 31 Navigational determined waterways that may require Coast Guard Bridge permits within the proposed project corridor.  Crossings requiring an individual Coast Guard Bridge permit at each waterway could consist of (1) an Aerial Pipeline Crossing, (2) Temporary bridge/trestle used during construction, and (3) Permanent Maintenance Access Bridge.  Therefore, the U.S. Coast Guard has identified that the project may require around 90 individual bridge permit applications.  However, at this time the project sponsor has not submitted any bridge permit applications, and the project sponsor is still determining crossing methods for navigational waterways to determine bridge permit needs.  Once the U.S. Coast Guard receives permit applications, it can establish a schedule for its review and decision making process.  This one permit line item will serve as a placeholder until permit applications are submitted.

Navigation Data Received
Not required. The U.S. Coast Guard already has this information for each of the 31 potential waterway crossings.
Issued Navigation Determination
This preliminary determination provides the minimum navigational clearances accepted for bridges across each waterway.
In Progress
Target: 10/01/2018
Application Received
The project sponsor has not submitted any Bridge Permit applications. Applications will be required for any new (or modified existing) permanent or temporary pipeline or highway bridges across navigable waterways.
In Progress
Target: 12/31/2018
Application Deemed Complete
An application(s) is deemed complete if all application materials have been received. This includes everything listed in the Coast Guard Bridge Permit Application Guide such as plan sheets, NEPA documentation, WQC, CZM, and other applicable requirements.
In Progress
Target: 12/09/2019
Publication of Public Notice
A Coast Guard public notice for navigation is issued for each proposed bridge once plan sheets are available and navigation clearances requirements are identified. A 30-day comment period follows each public notice issued. The number of proposed bridges determines how many public notices will need to be issued for this project. If sufficient information is available for several projects, the Coast Guard will issue public notices with several projects listed in one notice to save time. The Coast Guard typically issues public notices within 30 days after receiving an application, which must include adequate plan sheets. Applications are anticipated in Winter 2018.
In Progress
Target: 02/28/2019
Permit Decision Rendered
Each Coast Guard bridge permit decision will be made for each of the waterway crossings 180 days after the application complete date. These decisions are depending upon receiving from the applicant complete applications for each bridge crossing, including a set of plan sheets for each bridge.
In Progress
Target: 06/09/2020
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