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Section 106 Review

Project Name: 
In Progress
Responsible Agency: 
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Initial application received
Complete 04/17/2017
Completed application received
The Application to FERC has not been rendered complete for environmental purposes. Commission staff has issued information requests to the project sponsor to collect the information needed to make an effect determination.
In Progress
Issuance of decision for permit/approval.
Commission staff issued information requests to the project sponsor to obtain needed cultural resource information to make an effect determination. The Commission would make an effect determination as part of its decision on an Authorization for Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal Facilities, Onshore or in State Waters under Section 3 of the NGA. Should the Commission make a finding of adverse effects, following its decision, Commission staff would coordinate with the applicable parties (including the project sponsor, the ACHP, and State Historic Preservation Officers) to execute the applicable Agreement Document. The execution of an agreement document would conclude the Section 106 process. However, there are no established timelines within the National Historic Preservation Act for applicable parties to sign a Programmatic Agreement. Further, the State Historic Preservation Officers have not elected to voluntarily participate in the FAST-41 process for this project. Therefore, an estimated target completion date of the Section 106 process cannot be established.
In Progress
Notice to proceed
Review Terminated with no decision
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