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Desert Quartzite Solar

Project Information
Sector: Renewable Energy Production
Project Category: 
FAST-41 Covered Projects
Project Status: 
In Progress

The Project would be located approximately 2.75 miles southwest of the City of Blythe, just south of the Interstate 10 freeway, in Riverside County, California.  The Project involves construction of a 450 MW solar facility and a 2.8 mile long 230 kilovolt transmission line that would connect with Southern California Edison’s Colorado Substation.  The Project would require 89 acres for temporary construction. After construction, the Project would occupy up to 3,614 acres of BLM land and 154 acres of private land under the jurisdiction of the County of Riverside. Once completed, the Project would also include an operations and maintenance building, an on-site substation, internal access roads, and ancillary facilities. Existing roads would be used to access the site.

Permitting Timeline

Right-of-Way Authorization (DOI-BLM)
Bureau of Land Management
In Progress
Initial application received
Complete 08/15/2011
Completed application received
Complete 11/10/2014
Issuance of decision for permit/approval
Current Target Date: 04/26/2019
Endangered Species Act Consultation (DOI-FWS)
Fish and Wildlife Service (Cooperating under FAST-41)
In Progress
Request for ESA Consultation Received
Complete 10/25/2018
Consultation Package Deemed Complete – Formal
Complete 10/26/2018
Conclusion of ESA Consultation
Current Target Date: 03/11/2019
Section 106 Review
Bureau of Land Management
In Progress
Consultation initiated with SHPO/THPO
Complete 11/14/2016
Section 106 consultation concluded
Current Target Date: 04/12/2019
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Bureau of Land Management
In Progress
Issuance of Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 
Complete 03/06/2015
Complete 04/13/2015
Official Notice of Availability of a Draft EIS published in the Federal Register (FR) beginning both the public comment period and concurrent CAA Section 309 Review
Complete 08/10/2018
Official Notice of Availability of a Final EIS published in the FR beginning both the public review period and concurrent CAA Section 309 Review 
Current Target Date: 03/01/2019
Issuance of Record of Decision or combined Final EIS / Record of Decision 
Current Target Date: 04/12/2019
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