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Atlanta - Charlotte Corridor Investment Plan

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Sector: Surface Transportation
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DOT Projects
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In Progress
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The Atlanta to Charlotte Passenger Rail Corridor Investment Plan (PRCIP) is an extension of the Southeast High-Speed Rail Corridor (SEHSR), which is under development from Charlotte to Washington, D.C. The extension from Charlotte, would travel southeast through portions of South Carolina and into Atlanta. The exact termini of route alternatives will address connectivity to proposed and existing passenger rail stations, airports and other regional transportation services along the corridor. In particular, the project will consider connectivity to the proposed Georgia Multi Modal Passenger Terminal (MMPT) and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA) in Atlanta, and the proposed Charlotte Gateway Station and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte.  The PRCIP will include both a Tier I EIS/ROD as well as a Service Development Plan.  Once completed, the PRCIP will provide FRA with the information necessary to support a decision to fund and implement major investments in the corridor.

FRA is the lead Federal Agency and the Georgia Department of Transportation is the lead State Agency.  On May 16, 2013, FRA published in the Federal Register a Notice of Intent to prepare the EIS, which will evaluate three alternatives, including one Greenfield Alternative.  The total cost of the project depends upon both the alternative as well as the speed, with the alternatives ranging from approximately $2 billion to up to $6 billion for the Greenfield alternative.  FRA and GDOT anticipate publishing the Draft EIS for public review and comment in Spring/Summer 2018.

In addition, pertinent information can be found at the project's FRA webpage,

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