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Red Rock Hydroelectric Project

Project Information
Water Resource

The Red Rock Hydroelectric Project (RRHP) will have a capacity of 36.4 megawatts (MW) capable of producing 178,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity, enough energy to meet the annual needs of about 18,000 homes. It will be capable of generating up to 55 MW at certain times of the year when water is plentiful. In addition, the peak flow of water at Lake Red Rock typically occurs between April and July, which coincides with the highest demand for electricity. RRHP will be constructed at the existing Red Rock Dam, owned and operated by the Corps of Engineers, on the Des Moines River near Pella, Iowa. Energy from the RRHP will be transmitted to the power grid in Pella, IA by a combination of underground and overhead transmission lines. The construction of this facility will require the penetration of the existing Corps of Engineers dam impounding Red Rock Lake. The powerhouse will be constructed at the downstream toe of the dam. Missouri River Engergy Services expects construction of RRHP to begin in 2013, with the project becoming operational by early 2016. When operational, RRHP will be the second largest hydropower generating facility in the State of Iowa. Approximately 400-700+ jobs will be created during construction bringing a $250 million economic impact to the area.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Target Completion Date Status
Construction contract award Kamau Sadiki 6/29/2014 Planned
Section 408 Permit Kamau Sadiki 9/29/2013 Complete