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Silver State Solar South Project (First Solar)

Project Information
Renewable Energy
The Silver State Solar South project is a solar energy generation facility utilizing photovoltaic technology on 2,427 acres of public land approximately 40 miles south of Las Vegas, in Clark County, Nevada. The project will produce an estimated 250 MW of clean energy - enough to power approximately 80,000 homes and help the Federal government and the State of Nevada meet its renewable energy goals. The solar energy facility was previously analyzed as Phases II and III in the Silver State Solar Energy Project Final EIS. The 2010 Final EIS analyzed the development of a 400-MW project to be constructed in phases. Phase I, which became the Silver State Solar North Project and is currently operational, making it the first solar project on public lands delivering power to the grid, consisted of the construction, operation, maintenance, and ultimate decommissioning of a 50-MW solar plant and associated facilities. Phases II and III, which were the subject of a Supplemental EIS, consisted of the construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of the remaining 350-MW project to complete the 400-MW solar project. The Department of the Interior approved the project on February 14, 2014. The purpose of the federal permitting process is to ensure that federal agencies take into account all legal and regulatory requirements, environmental and cultural considerations and weigh the sometimes competing interests of various stakeholders in reaching a decision about whether to approve the project, and if so, to do so in a way that provides the best outcome for the environment, stakeholders and the community. Since this is a complex project requiring review and approval by multiple federal agencies and impacting the interests of a variety of stakeholders, there is an important opportunity for early collaboration, coordination and outreach. Such early coordination has been taking place under the Department's Smart from the Start program. The federal agencies have been meeting on a regular basis to discuss the project and identify and resolve conflicts early in the process.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Estimated Completion Status
Record of Decision (ROD) Gregory Helseth 11/21/2013 Complete
Final Supplemental EIS Gregory Helseth 9/12/2013 Complete
Public Meeting Gregory Helseth 8/23/2012 Complete
Public Comment Gregory Helseth 10/31/2012 Complete
Draft Supplemental EIS Gregory Helseth 8/16/2012 Complete
Preliminary Draft Supplemental EIS Gregory Helseth 6/30/2012 Complete
Scoping Gregory Helseth 10/30/2011 Complete
Notice of Intent Gregory Helseth 8/31/2011 Complete
Section 7 Consultation Gregory Helseth 9/26/2013 Complete
Section 106 Gregory Helseth 9/12/2013 Complete