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Quartzsite Solar Energy Project

Project Information
Renewable Energy
Total Estimated Project Cost: 
The proposed concentrating solar power plant would be located on approximately 1,675 acres of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It would produce an estimated 100 MW of clean energy enough to power about 30,000 homes and help the State of Arizona meet its renewable energy goals. The purpose of the federal permitting process is to ensure that federal agencies take into account all legal and regulatory requirements, environmental and cultural considerations and weigh the sometimes competing interests of various stakeholders in reaching a decision about whether to approve the project, and if so, to do so in a way that provides the best outcome for the environment, stakeholders and the community. Since this is a complex project requiring review and approval by multiple federal agencies and impacting the interests of a variety of stakeholders, there is an important opportunity for early collaboration, coordination and outreach. Such early coordination has been taking place under the Department's Smart from the Start program. The federal agencies have been meeting on a regular basis to discuss the project and identify and resolve conflicts early in the process.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Target Completion Date Status
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Eddie Arreola 5/28/2013 Complete
Native American Consultation Eddie Arreola 11/04/2012 Complete
Record of Decision Eddie Arreola 5/28/2013 Complete
60 Governor's Consistency Review for the proposed Land Use Plan amendment Eddie Arreola 2/27/2013 Complete
FEIS - Notice of Availability DOI Eddie Arreola 12/20/2012 Complete