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New York and New Jersey Harbor

Project Information
Ports and Waterways
In Progress
The Army Corps is in the final stages of constructing an authorized project that will deepen existing Federal channels that provide access to four container terminals to a depth of 50 feet, enabling the navigation channel to accommodate larger cargo vessels and other ships, ultimately facilitating a more efficient movement of goods. As a result of Hurricane Sandy and the damaged it caused to the construction of a new water siphon that is required to be constructed prior to final construction on the Anchorage Channel, the Corps expects to complete this $1.6 billion project in 2016. In order to fully realize the potential economic returns from this improvement to the navigation channel, the Port also plans to raise the Bayonne Bridge.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Estimated Completion Status
USACE and USEPA sign "Super Memo" for HARS Placement EPA Bryce Wisemiller 5/27/2013 Complete
Request Sediment HARS Sampling and Testing Plan from USEPA EPA Tom Shea 7/29/2012 Complete
NJ WQ Certificate - Shoal Removal & Utility Corridor Contract State or Local Agency Bryce Wisemiller 6/18/2013 Complete
NY WQ Certificate - S-AK-3 State or Local Agency Tom Shea 11/18/2012 Complete
NJ WQ Certificate - S-AK-3 State or Local Agency Tom Shea 11/18/2012 Complete