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Miami Harbor

Project Information
Ports and Waterways
The Army Corps is working with the Port of Miami to construct an authorized project that involves deepening the Federal navigation at the port from its current depth of 42 feet to a depth of 50 feet. The project would enable the port to accommodate larger cargo vessels and other ships, ultimately facilitating a more efficient movement of goods. Through a progressive partnership with the State of Florida, which has provided all of the funds needed to construct this project, the time frame for its construction has been advanced by years. Related infrastructure improvements include landside investments funded in part by the Department of Transportation.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Estimated Completion Statussort descending
Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) Execution Doris Valentin-Meyer 8/14/2012 Complete
Issuance of the Record of Decision Doris Valentin-Meyer 5/21/2006 Complete
Water Quality Certification Permit issued Doris Valentin-Meyer 5/21/2012 Complete
Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site permit issued Doris Valentin-Meyer 11/30/2011 Complete
BCOE Certification Doris Valentin-Meyer 7/26/2012 Complete