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East St. Louis Illinois, Metro East Levee

Project Information
Ports and Waterways
Total Estimated Project Cost: 
There are more than 260,000 residents and workers, and $4.6 billion of structures and infrastructure in the Metro-East area. The levees were constructed over 55 years ago by the USACE and have suffered continual deterioration due to flood events. The non-federal sponsor, Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District Council (FPD), is proposing modifications to attain the 100 year level of risk reduction by 2015 to meet FEMA accreditation requirements. Because the proposed project will involve modifications to the structures and operations of the levee system, pursuant to Section 33 U.S.C. 408. USACE is employing an innovative and accelerated Section 408 review process to support FPD's request to modify the federally authorized project to meet the proposed construction schedule. Both agencies continue to work collaboratively to identify commonalities between federal and FPD's efforts where federal funds could be used to expedite the construction. The tailoring of the Section 408 review process to meet pressing local needs is expediting decisions where possible which ultimately will ensure that important flood risk improvements are in place sooner. The time required for 408 review process varies depending on the complexity of the project and is initiated once a submittal is made by the FPD to the USACE.