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Central Everglades Planning Project

Project Information
Water Resource
In Progress
Under its planning modernization process, the Army Corps is implementing an aggressive planning schedule for the Central Everglades Restoration project that will examine opportunities to restore the original river of grass in the Central flow way of the Florida Everglades by increasing flows of fresh, clean water to the central and southern portions of the Everglades, including the Everglades National Park. The Corps is working to develop a plan for an integrated increment of restoration work in the heart of the Everglades and this pilot project is part of a broader effort to restore the Everglades. The Central Everglades Planning Pilot Project will demonstrate collaborative inter-agency, inter-government, and public engagement. This overall Everglades restoration project, one of the largest and most complex ecosystem restoration projects in the world, requires extensive inter-agency, inter-governmental and public coordination.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Target Completion Date Statussort descending
State Water Quality Certificate Phase 3 (Conveyance and Seepage) Doris Valentin-Meyer 11/20/2021 Complete
Alternatives Milestone Doris Valentin-Meyer 1/26/2012 Complete
Tentatively Selected Plan Milestone Doris Valentin-Meyer 8/29/2013 Complete
Feasibility Study Initiation Doris Valentin-Meyer 10/09/2011 Complete
Record of Decision Doris Valentin-Meyer 8/28/2014 Planned
Issue Record of Decision Doris Valentin-Meyer 7/31/2014 Planned
NPDES Permit Received Doris Valentin-Meyer 6/10/2015 Planned
NPDES Permit Received Doris Valentin-Meyer 6/10/2015 Planned
NPDES Permit Received Doris Valentin-Meyer 6/10/2015 Planned
State Water Quality Certificate for Phase I (Everglades Agricultural Area) Doris Valentin-Meyer 11/06/2016 Planned