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Pre-Final Report Milestone

Responsible Entity: 
Responsible Agency POC: 
Doris Valentin-Meyer
Central Everglades Planning Project
Ad Hoc Activity
The final decision document and environmental compliance document is submitted to Headquarters for review. Provided all policy issues have been addressed and the recommended plan does not vary significantly from the selected plan endorsed previously by the agency, the final decision document and environmental compliance document along with the draft report of the Chief of Engineers is released for State and Agency and final National Environmental Policy Act review. If the final report recommends a plan that is different from the selected plan recommended previously by the agency, a Civil Works Review Board can be convened to confirm the recommendation prior to release for State and Agency review.


Milestone Target Actual
Milestone Start - Pre-Final Report Milestone 11/28/2013
Milestone End - Pre-Final Report Milestone 05/29/2014