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California High Speed Train - Fresno to Bakersfield - Central Valley

Project Information
Surface Transportation
In Progress
Total Estimated Project Cost: 

The Fresno to Bakersfield section of the California High-Speed Train (HST) System extends approximately 114 miles in California's Central Valley and is a portion of Phase 1 of the HST system. Stations are planned at Fresno and Bakersfield, and a third Kings/Tulare Regional Station is being considered near Hanford. The high-speed train project will support job creation in a region that is currently experiencing some of the nation's highest unemployment rates. Once operating, projections estimate 4,500 boardings daily in Fresno and 5,100 in Bakersfield, with travel time between Fresno and Bakersfield estimated at 37 minutes. Early, intensive coordination for project environmental reviews has supported a project schedule that is projected to save up to 6 months, enabling the project to meet funding deadlines and an aggressive construction schedule.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Estimated Completion Status
Begin Design/Build Construction CP2/3 CHSRA 8/30/2015 Complete
Begin Design/Build Construction CP1 CHSRA 6/29/2015 Complete
Checkpoint C: Checkpoint Meeting with Signatories USACE, EPA, DOT Lupe Jimenez 9/26/2012 Complete
Checkpoint C: Submit Informational Package to EPA/USACE (prior to Checkpoint Mtg) DOT Lupe Jimenez 9/24/2012 Complete
Issue Notice to Proceed-Begin Civil/Structural Design CP2/3 CHSRA 7/22/2014 Complete
Issue Notice to Proceed-Begin Civil/Structural Design CP1 CHSRA 8/18/2013 Complete
Section 408 Permit Approval/Section 208: CVFPB Encroachment Permit Approval State or Local Agency Paul Maniccia 12/30/2015 In Progress
Section 2081 Compliance - Incidental Take Permit DOT CFGD 12/06/2014 Complete
California Fish and Game Code Section 1602 Agreement DOT CFGD 12/30/2015 In Progress
Section 401: coordination with RWQCB for water quality certification State Water Control Board 12/30/2015 In Progress
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