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NHPA Section 106 SHPO Consultation

Responsible Entity: 
Responsible Agency POC: 
Kevin Rose
Environmental Compliance Team Leader
Dredge Sailors Haven, Talisman-Barrett Beach and Watch Hill Channels and Marinas
Ad Hoc Activity
Requires federal agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties and afford the ACHP an opportunity to comment. Agencies fulfill this requirement by consulting with the appropriate SHPO/THPO, Indian tribes, local government, others who have a demonstrated interest in the undertaking and the public. Consultation with Federally-recognized Indian Tribes must be on a government-to-government basis and this responsibility must be fulfilled by the federal agency (it cannot be delegated to a project proponent). Through consultation, the agency should identify project alternatives that avoid, minimize or mitigate effects to historic properties.


Milestone Target Actual
Milestone Start - NHPA Section 106 SHPO Consultation 07/16/2013 07/16/2013
Milestone End - NHPA Section 106 SHPO Consultation 07/21/2013 07/21/2013