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Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Project Name: Hudson Tunnel Project
In Progress
Responsible Agency: 
Federal Railroad Administration

The Hudson Tunnel Project includes (1) construction of a new two-track rail tunnel on the Northeast Corridor, connecting New Jersey to Penn Station New York (PSNY) beneath the Hudson River, and including railroad infrastructure in New Jersey and New York connecting the new rail tunnel to the existing NEC, and (2) rehabilitation of the existing two-track NEC tunnel beneath the Hudson River. The new tunnel would be completed prior to rehabilitation work on the existing tunnel, to avoid unacceptable delays to Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT rail service during rehabilitation. 

The purpose of the Proposed Action is to preserve the current functionality of Amtrak’s NEC service and NJ TRANSIT’s commuter rail service between New Jersey and PSNY by repairing the deteriorating North River Tunnel; and to strengthen the NEC’s resiliency to support reliable service by providing redundant capacity under the Hudson River for Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT NEC trains between New Jersey and the existing PSNY. These improvements must be achieved while maintaining uninterrupted commuter and intercity rail service and by optimizing the use of existing infrastructure.

In addition, pertinent information about the project can be found at the project's FRA webpage:

 Lead Agency Information: 

POC Name: Amishi Castelli
POC Title: Environmental Protection Specialist
POC Email:
Agency/Department: Department of Transportation
Bureau/Mode: Federal Railroad Administration
Sponsor Contact Information: 
Project Sponsor: New Jersey Transit
POC Name: RJ Palladino
POC Title: Senior Program Manager
POC Email:


Issuance of Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 

Completed: 05/02/2016


Completed: 05/31/2016

Official Notice of Availability of a Draft EIS published in the Federal Register (FR) beginning both the public comment period and concurrent CAA Section 309 Review

Completed: 07/07/2017

Official Notice of Availability of a Final EIS published in the FR beginning both the public review period and concurrent CAA Section 309 Review 

Current Target Date: 03/30/2018

Issuance of Record of Decision or combined Final EIS / Record of Decision 

Current Target Date: 03/30/2018