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Charleston Harbor Post-45 Study

Charleston Harbor Post-45 Study (Nationally or Regionally Significant Projects)

Coordinating Agency
Department of Defense
Accountable POC
Doris Valentin-Meyer
Project Status
In Progress
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Under its planning modernization process, the Army Corps is implementing an aggressive planning schedule for the Charleston Harbor Feasibility Study that will examine the benefits and costs of deepening the Federal navigation channel for Charleston Harbor from its existing depth of 45 feet to a maximum of 50 feet to accommodate larger cargo vessels and other ships, ultimately facilitating a more efficient movement of goods. The study is expected to be complete within 3 years - much earlier than the over 10 year Read More

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

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Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Name Target Completion Date Status Description Public Participation Address Public Participation Email Public Participation State Public Participation Website Public Participation Zip
Tentatively Selected Plan Milestone Department of Defense Doris Valentin-Meyer 06/30/2014 In Progress

Tentatively selected plan milestone is the second decisional milestone during the feasibility study. It is the milestone at which the vertical team agrees on the project delivery team's recommendation of a tenatively selected plan and proposed way forward on developing sufficient cost and design information for the final feasibility study report. At this milestone, a draft feasibility study report has been prepared and approval is granted for release of the draft report for public and agency review.

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Coastal Zone Management Act Consistency Determination State or Local Agency State Agency TBD 08/01/2015 Planned

State Division of Coastal Management - South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control - Office of Ocean and Coastal Resources Management

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Clean Water Act Section 404 Compliance Department of Defense--Military Programs USACE TBD 08/01/2015 Planned

Clean Water Act Section 404 regulates the discharge of dredged and fill material into waters of the United States, including wetlands.

In general, to obtain a Section 404 permit, applicants must demonstrate that the discharge of dredged or fill material would not significantly degrade the nation's waters and there are no practicable alternatives less damaging to the aquatic ecosystem, so long as the alternative does not have other significant adverse environmental consequences. Applicants should also describe steps taken to minimize impacts to water bodies and wetlands and provide appropriate and practicable mitigation, such as restoring or creating wetlands, for any remaining, unavoidable impacts.

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Agency Decision Milestone Department of Defense Doris Valentin-Meyer 05/01/2014 Planned

Agency Decision Milestone occurs after completion of the concurrent public, technical, legal, and policy review of the draft report and National Environmental Policy Act document and resolution of the comments. If a study requires Independent External Peer Review (IEPR), this milestone occurs after receipt of the IEPR panel's findings. This milestone is a checkpoint where the vertical team confirms that the analyses in the draft report and the recommendations as a result of the concurrent reviews are compliant with policy and that there is a capable non-Federal sponsor(s) ready to support project implementation.

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Alternatives Milestone Department of Defense Doris Valentin-Meyer 11/01/2012 Complete

Alternatives Milestone ensures vertical team concurrence on the focused array of alternatives and the criteria that will be used to evaluate and compare alternatives to reach the Tentatively Selected Plan milestone.

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Clean Air Act Environmental Protection Agency EPA TBD 09/01/2015 Planned

US EPA and State Air Quality Office

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ESA Section 7 Consultation Department of the Interior USFWS POC TBD 12/01/2014 Planned

Section 7 consultation required for projects connected to Federal agencies, w/ possible Biological Opinion and possible Incidental Take Statement; may also obtain Incidental Take Permit (Section 10) after submission of a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), which triggers a NMFS consultation and possible NEPA review. Voluntary consultation reduces Section 9 liability.

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Final Report Milestone Department of Defense Doris Valentin-Meyer 03/01/2015 Planned

Final Report Milestone is the submittal of the final report of the District Engineer and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document to Headquarters. Provided that all policy issues have been addressed and the recommended plan does not vary significantly from the selected plan endorsed at the agency endorsement milestone, the Headquarters may choose to approve release of the final report and NEPA document and draft report of the Chief of Engineers for State and Agency and final NEPA review. If the final report recommends a plan that is different from the recommendation at the Agency Decision Milestone or significant controversy exists, the Civil Works Review Board can be convened to confirm the recommendation prior to release for State and Agency review.

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