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All Projects

Coordinating Agency Project Title Sector Project Status Project Status Estimated Completion Date
DOC Arroyo Sequit Creek Steelhead Restoration Project Green Infrastructure In Progress In Progress 10/31/2014
DOT Baltimore Red Line Surface Transportation Complete Complete 02/28/2013
HUD City Market at "O" Street Housing and Community Development Complete Complete 11/17/2011
USDA Cleghorn Ridge Wind Project Renewable Energy Complete Complete 11/30/2011
DOT Crenshaw/LAX Surface Transportation Complete Complete 09/28/2012
USDA Dakota Prairie Grasslands Pipelines Complete Complete 12/16/2011
USDA Deerfield Wind Power Project Renewable Energy Delayed Delayed 04/09/2012
HUD Denver Mariposa Housing Project Housing and Community Development Complete Complete 11/30/2012
DOI Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project Water Resource In Progress In Progress 12/31/2024
DOT NextGen Infrastructure Initiative - Houston Metroplex (OAPM) Aviation In Progress In Progress 01/30/2015