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Sep 25

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) has developed this toolkit to provide information and guidance on the Section 106 process to parties who are the recipients of, or areapplying for federal licenses, permits, assistance, or approvals. Because many federal agencies require applicants to assist in complying with the initial steps of the Section 106 process, applicants will benefit from these tools and access to resources necessary to be effective in this role. Read about the toolkit here

May 17

Reliable, safe, and resilient infrastructure is the backbone of an economy built to last. Investing in our Nation's infrastructure serves as an engine for job creation and economic growth, while bringing immediate and long-term economic benefits to communities across the country. The quality of our infrastructure is critical to maintaining our Nation's competitive edge in a global economy and to securing our path to energy independence. In taking steps to improve our infrastructure, we must remember that the protection and continued enjoyment of our Nation's environmental, historical, and cultural resources remain an equally important driver of economic opportunity, resiliency, and quality of life.  ...

May 17

On May 17, 2013, as part of the Administration’s effort to make America a magnet for jobs by building a 21st Century infrastructure, President Obama will sign a Presidential Memorandum that will modernize the Federal infrastructure permitting process, cutting timelines in half for major infrastructure projects while creating incentives for better outcomes for communities and the environment. By cutting red tape and shaving months, and even years, off the time it takes to review and approve major infrastructure projects, we will be able to start construction sooner, create jobs earlier, and fix our Nation’s infrastructure faster.  ...

May 01

This report provides an update on the progress made over the past year implementing Executive Order 13604 of March 28, 2012 (Improving Performance of Federal Permitting and Review of Infrastructure Projects). Through diligent work, agencies have made substantial progress over the past year in reduc­ing permitting and review timelines while improving outcomes for communities and the environment. Agencies have reduced timelines for major infrastructure projects, including ports and related infra­structure, road and bridges, rail and transit, water resources projects, pipelines, and renewable energy by several months to several years.  Read...

Oct 01

WASHINGTON, DC – On October 1, 2012 as part of his We Can’t Wait initiative, President Obama announced that two nationally and regionally significant transit projects in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Cleveland, Ohio will be expedited to put Americans to work building a 21st century infrastructure and providing Minnesota and Ohio with more transportation choices...Read more

Sep 21

WASHINGTON, DC – On September 21, 2012 as part of his We Can’t Wait initiative, President Obama announced that two nationally and regionally significant surface transportation projects in California will be expedited to put Americans to work building a 21st century infrastructure and providing California with more transportation choices...Read more

Aug 20

WASHINGTON, DC – On August 20, 2012 as part of his We Can’t Wait initiative, President Obama announced that four nationally and regionally significant surface transportation projects will be expedited to put Americans to work replacing aging infrastructure and improving the reliability and resiliency of critical highway, transit and rail systems in Maine, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington State...Read more

Aug 07

WASHINGTON, DC – On August 7, 2012 as a part of his We Can’t Wait initiative, President Obama announced that seven nationally and regionally significant solar and wind energy projects will be expedited, including projects in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Wyoming...Read more

Jul 19

WASHINGTON, DC – On July 19, 2012 as part of its We Can’t Wait initiative, the Administration announced that 7 nationally and regionally significant infrastructure projects will be expedited to help modernize and expand 5 major ports in the United States, including the Port of Jacksonville, the Port of Miami, the Port of Savannah, the Port of New York and New Jersey, and the Port of Charleston...Read more

Jun 14

On June 14, 2012, President Obama issued Executive Order (E.O.) No. 13616, “Accelerating Broadband Infrastructure Deployment,” to facilitate wired and wireless broadband infrastructure deployment on Federal lands, buildings, and ROW, federally assisted highways, and tribal and individual Indian trust lands, particularly in underserved communities. The E.O. established and charged the Broadband Deployment on Federal Property Working Group (Working Group) with ensuring a coordinated approach in implementing agency procedures, requirements, and policies related to these topics. The Working Group has just completed their first Progress Report that is available here as well as created a GIS mapping tool and inventory of broadband resources to assist...

Jun 14

Executive Order 13604 directs each Member Agency to identify those permitting and review Processes viewed as most critical…Read more

Jun 14

Fulfilling a commitment he made in his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama signed Executive Order 13604 on Improving Performance of Federal Permitting and Review of Infrastructure Projects. The Executive Order created an inter-agency initiative, spearheaded by the Office of Management and Budget, to institutionalize best practices to reduce the amount of time required to make permitting and review decisions and improve environmental and community outcomes. The Federal Plan for Modernizing the Federal Permitting and Review Process for Better Projects, Improved Environmental and Community Outcomes, and Quicker Decisions describes the specific steps the Obama Administration is taking to enhance the review process for vital infrastructure projects....

May 09

April 16, 2012 - Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that the Bureau of Reclamation today has awarded a $10.75 million construction contract for the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project, setting the stage for construction to begin on the major water infrastructure project this summer. When completed, the project will provide a long-term, sustainable water supply to meet the critical needs of more than 43 Navajo chapters; the city of Gallup, New Mexico; and the Teepee Junction area of the Jicarilla Apache Nation.

Once construction is underway, it is possible that the first water delivery to Navajo communities – where more than 40 percent of Navajo Nation households rely on hauling water to meet their daily need - could occur in two...

Apr 22

March 22, 2012 - By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to significantly reduce the aggregate time required to make decisions in the permitting and review of infrastructure projects by the Federal Government, while improving environmental and community outcomes, it is hereby ordered as follows…Read more

Jan 20

On Tuesday, January 3, 2012, the U.S. Forest Service approved the construction of a 15-turbine wind energy facility on the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont today, which will provide enough electricity to power about 13,000 homes annually.  The completion of this project marks the culmination of an environmental analysis and record of decision for the proposal to construct and operate a commercially viable, utility-scale wind energy facility on the national forest in the towns of Searsburg, and Readsboro next to the Searsburg Wind Facility operated by Green Mountain Power Company on private land.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s selection of this project for expedited review in accordance with the Presidential Memorandum on “Speeding...

Jan 06

The U.S. Forest Service, in coordination with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has completed its expedited review of the Continental Resources’ permit to drill in the Dakota Prairie Grasslands in North Dakota. This project was selected for expedited review pursuant to a Presidential Memorandum directing agencies to expedite environmental reviews and permit decisions for high priority infrastructure projects that will create a significant number of jobs.

The application was determined complete as defined by Onshore Oil and Gas Order No. 1 and ready for review on October 11, 2011. The applicant utilized private environmental consultants to collect certain information required to complete the review and environmental analysis.  Although applicants may rely...

Dec 01

The Forest Service has completed its initial screening of the Cleghorn Ridge renewable energy project application by the November 30th deadline.  Prompt action was made possible by the agency’s new wind energy policy which includes the procedures and considerations for screening proposals, issuing site testing and feasibility permits, and authorizing construction and operation activities.  The Forest Service has given the Cleghorn Ridge proposal review the highest possible priority.

The initial screening raised concerns that the Cleghorn Ridge proposal would affect inventoried roadless area, a national scenic trail, a natural research area, a popular recreation trail, and a fuelbreak that is critical for fire suppression activities. The screening process...

Nov 30

On Friday, November 18th representatives of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) joined local leaders to announce the commencement of work on CityMarket at O Street, a one-million square-foot mixed-use development in the historic Shaw neighborhood in Washington, DC. The project’s developer has said the project will create 2,400 jobs.

CityMarket is one of 14 high priority infrastructure projects the Obama Administration is expediting through the federal permitting and environmental review processes.  The expedited projects are one component of the Administration’s efforts to improve the efficiency of federal reviews needed to help job-creating infrastructure projects move as quickly as possible from the drawing board to...

Aug 31

August 31, 2011 - To maintain our Nation's competitive edge, we must ensure that the United States has fast, reliable ways to move people, goods, energy, and information.  In a global economy, where businesses are making investment choices between countries, we will compete for the world's investments based in part on the quality of our infrastructure. Investing in the Nation's infrastructure brings both immediate and long-term economic benefits -- benefits that can accrue not only where the infrastructure is located, but also to communities all across the country.  And at a time when job growth must be a top priority, well-targeted investment in infrastructure can be an engine of job creation and economic growth......

Aug 01

In August 2011, President Obama identified 14 High Priority Infrastructure Projects to be expedited through the permitting and review process. Six of these projects have already completed the process, four are in construction, three more will be completed over the next three months, and the remaining projects are on track for expedited review. Explore Projects